Vehicle Manufacturing

In the Vehicle industry, the increasing competition and ever more demanding customers means manufacturing is never easy. While factory floor automation has significantly improved all areas of processing for manufacturing companies, it has also created a staggering amount of data.

Agile enterprise is always one step ahead of the competition, which cultivates a responsive environment and delivers major improvements in lead time, product quality, and lower production costs. Optimizing performance requires managers to have an in depth understanding of how products and customers consume resources and this is why manufacturers adopt more sophisticated cost and profitability analytics - solutions that go beyond production and include the supply chain, support functions and infrastructure. With a robust and reliable understanding of costs and profitability and their sensitivity to changes in demand, managers are able to make informed and incisive decisions about strategy and tactics.

BI helps manufacturers give them better visibility of their financial performance and the insight and understanding to improve it. These include solutions for cost and profitability analytics and solutions for operational planning and budgeting. Being able to quickly assess the impact of internal and external changes, BI helps such companies become more agile and better able to keep the bottom line on track.