Oracle BI Solutions

Oracle Communications Data Model

Oracle Communications Data Model is a standards-based, pre-built approach to communications data warehousing enabling a communications company to realize the power of insight more quickly. Oracle Communications Data Model reduces costs for both immediate and on-going operations by leveraging out-of-box Oracle based Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions, making world-class database and business intelligence technology solutions available with a communications specific data model.

Oracle Communications Data Model offers a single-vendor solution package that is tightly integrated with the business intelligence platform. With pre-built data mining, Oracle Online Analytical Processing (Oracle OLAP) and dimensional models, Oracle Communications Data Model provides you with industry-specific metrics and insights that you can act on immediately to improve your bottom line. These business intelligence solution offerings take advantage of Oracle's scalability and reliability, using Oracle's familiar optimization, parallelism, and performance engineering within the database.

Benefits of Using Oracle Communications Data Model

With Oracle Communications Data Model, you can jump-start the design and implementation of a telecommunications data warehouse to quickly achieve a positive ROI for your data warehousing and business intelligence project with a predictable implementation effort.

  • Query and Reporting for information: provides extraction of detailed and summary data.
  • OLAP for data analysis: provides summaries, trends, and forecasts.
  • Data Mining for insight and prediction: provides knowledge discovery of hidden patterns and insights.
  • Provides an off-the-shelf data warehouse framework that is both adaptable and extendable.
  • The pre-built, pretuned data model with intelligent insight into detailed communications and market data, allows you to quickly gain value from your data warehousing effort, supports diverse analytical requirements, and assists in building future analytical applications.