Oracle ERP Analytics

Oracle Project Analytics

Maintain Visibility into Project Performance Throughout the Project Lifecycle

Oracle Project Analytics offers organizations a comprehensive analytics solution that delivers insight into project-based data to seamlessly track the lifecycle of a project. Oracle Project Analytics provides robust analysis of important project-based data such as forecast, budgets, cost, revenue, billing, profitability and other aspects of project management. It provides consolidated, timely, and complete information to Project Managers, Project Executives, and Project Accountants.


•Control Project Costs — Enhance visibility into project costs and variances for improved cost management and project profitability.
•Improve Project Performance — Track and manage non credit card invoices paid on time and interest penalties payments. Minimize delinquent debt amounts to improve management accountability, and reduce Treasury borrowing.
•Maximize Cash Flow — Promote the use of electronic payment to vendors to reduce paperwork, and improve payment performance management.