Telecommunications is one of the fastest expanding industries, providing a vast array of services from phones at home to complete entertainment systems. Voice, data, moving images, broadcasting and much, much more. This is such a fast changing industry and with a customer that demands more. With so many large companies all targeting the same client base, the secret of success lies in who can retain their customers.

The cost of getting a new customer is so much higher than ensuring that the customers you have remain loyal to you. The focus has to be therefore on Customer Services. With such a large choice for the customer, it is easy for them to switch to a new supplier if they are not totally satisfied with the level of service which is being provided to them.

Analyzing the huge volumes of data being stored to determine the profile of your customer and providing them with what they feel is important, is crucial for retaining their loyalty. BI tools are an essential part of the deciding the services that can be provided to the customers that need them. Sometimes, it is as simple as a regular call to find out how things are.

AbbuSys has worked with Telecom companies and deigned processes that are geared to providing an insight of their customers and highlighting potential selling points and risks. Identify patterns of usage behavior and recommend actions to take, be it an additional offer or a call to say Thanks.

See OCDM for more details of how to improve data performance for Telecom companies.