Data Warehouse Architecture / Modelling

A data warehouse / OLAP Cubes are designed for query and analysis rather than for transaction processing. The data warehouse normally holds historic data from one or more sources, where users can query data across the organization. With so much data being processed, the skill is in getting the model correct so that it performs to its optimal speed whilst showing the correct results always.

As data modelling is not something the users can see, it is not something people give enough credit for. Architects are the un-sung hero's of successful BI Solutions. The models have to cater for today's needs yet cater for future expansion in a seamless way. AbbuSys prides itself on the expertise it has within data warehouse architecture and data modelling. We believe in building a foundation for your future and your growing needs.

If you already have a data warehouse and it's not performing well or every additional 'New Column' takes forever to model, then let us help you and give you a second opinion. Take a look at our 'Expert Service' offerings.