BI Strategy

Business Intelligence (BI) is an important function of any organization's strategic framework and in today's world, organizations that are inclined towards analyzing their databases and formulating solutions based on the trends observed, are the primary implementers of BI.

Business intelligence strategy is the set of policies, standards and technology processes and skills required to ensure that an organization obtains the information needed to support information-based strategies and improve competitive advantage.

A successful BI strategy is the backbone for applying effective BI. This strategy involves participation from the business users, knowing their needs and making sure that the BI program addresses their business goals. A good strategy is driven by the business objectives you have set, and it allows stakeholders to make better decisions.

Once a strategy is in place, the business is in a better position to achieve its goals. It should focus not only on the "who?" and the "what?" questions, but also on the "how?" question. For your BI strategy to be more than just technically rewarding, it has to address the business needs and make sure it encompasses all.