Consumer Goods (FMCG)

The major concerns of consumer goods companies have changed from cutting expenses by eliminating employees and conserving capital outlay to growth by expanding market share via loyalty programs and increased use of web portals. As a result, more and more consumer packaged goods manufacturers are paying closer attention to customer needs, buying histories, and trends by deploying and optimizing customer management strategies and capabilities.

Targeted Marketing is a major instrument in capturing that market share. With such high marketing expenses, it is vital to know what kind of marketing & promotions have the best expected results and which are best avoided. Increased sales are always good, but not when the 'supply' cannot meet the 'demand'. Ensuring that there is ample production to meet supply and that the goods are delivered on time are essential for a successful promotion.

Having worked with the 'Biggest' consumer goods companies in the world, AbbuSys knows what good marketing is all about. Creating and running multi-million Pound/Euro campaigns, monitoring their success and calculating their ROI from sales figures (Before and After Campaigns). Target the right promotions to the right market segment and always measure performance. Cutting waste in storage and transport and calculating the 'Optimum' production capacity based on sales figures and future campaigns.